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Buying Property


Clear Title – Good title; marketable title; one free from encumbrance, obstruction, burden or limitation.
Clouded Title – An outstanding claim or encumbrance which if valid will affect or impair the owner’s title.

If you are buying a property or considering buying a property, we urge you to have it surveyed. If the seller produces an older map of the property, investigate. Look to see if there are missing property corners. Check to see if the property markers appear to be in good condition and undisturbed. Are there building additions, sheds, barns, swimming pools, fences and landscaping near the property line that are not shown on the map? Be sure to look at the neighboring land owners and see if they appear to have improvements. If you discover any of these, you may wish to explore having a new or updated survey.

At Albrecht & Willson, we never charge for a consultation. Send us or bring in a copy of your deed or your old map and we will be happy to go over it with you. We are not trying to take your hard earned money. We are trying to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your land.

According to New York State Law, only surveys made by licensed and registered New York State Land Surveyors are legal. We at Albrecht & Willson have the education and experience and would be happy to help with your land surveying needs.